Sunday, January 9, 2011

So Many Things...

You know I wanted to blog, but so many things are going around in my head that I am not sure what to say. The Arizona shooting has been on my mind since yesterday it doens't make any kind of sense to me I just keep going back to that 9 yr. old little girls face. I am also thinking about how I will get my family through another tough year since that has been predicted. Gas is up here in Colorado Springs it went from 2.69 a gallon to 2.85 and is sure to rise even more. My husband is getting alittle bit of over time at his job, so I'm gonna try to pay off some behind bills and help my daughter pay off her credit cards.

I'm hoping this year will bring some change in my family as far as being more responsible I want my children to be more thankful for what they have. My 19 yr. old is working for a contract companie for verizon so she is the customer service rep you would talk to when calling in about your bill or plan, she is making $ 11.00 hr. and she gets about 5-8 hours of overtime a week so thats good money for a 19 yr. old who lives at home with no bills, she already wants to quit because it is stressing her out she doesnt like talking on the phone... give me a break!!!. She would rather go back to pizza hut for about $ 400 a month does it make any sense to you?. I'm not sure what changes I will be making this year but we have to save money, I really want a peice of land.

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