Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Ideas

So I have been told that i am a negative person because i talk to much about whats going on in the real world... I don't feel negative i feel informative :) So i actually had a friend drop me from facebook because of it and that kinda hurt my feelings until I stood back and realized that this is a person who drinks everyday and has her head in the sand. So onto a brighter note.. hehe, it is a beautiful day here in Colorado Springs but I do miss Arizona a bit. I miss the palm trees and the sun but not the heat so much however I miss that everything is new all the stores and shopping hubs, and of course Trader joes, Paradise Bakery and some others. I am hoping for a bigger n brighter day ahead. God Bless all my followers I pray The Lord will keep you always.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Well after having no real access to a computer for a few days it feels good to be online. I have decided to do what I can for stocking up but I'm gonna try to mellow out on the world news if you now what I mean.. ( my last few post) I believe The Lord will take care of us. I was really depressing my kids talking about all that stuff I mean we are aware but no more deep conversations so I can keep my family mentally safe. I still like my job so I guess thats a good
God Bless you all

Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Tsunami

This is so sad to watch, unreal and unexpected. I'm praying for all of the people who are living this tradgedy. Now we have the president telling us of our down fall to all this... our economy!!
So I have been posting about some videos that I have been watching and some stuff i'm reading about,people stocking up on food,water,supplys just incase of a tradgedy happening like the one in Japan. Now I know I'm not extreme and I know I will be using a lot of my paychecks to buy supplies and canned food and other things for my family just incase I prefer to be safe then sorry. Please keep Japan in ur prayers....
Lord please bless us all and keep us in your hand....

Monday, March 7, 2011

Economy Crash 2011

Wow the more I do some research the more interesting it becomes.... I guess it is possible for our country to fall easier then i could ever imagine. I read my bible and I look at ther book of Revelation and compare to America and other countries and we are definitly living the last days in my opininon. I find it odd and yet awesome that so many people are moving on to their own land and so many beautiful mommys are now staying home with their kids and making meals from scratch, I always felt left out because i stayed home with the kids... but now these women are actually perparing their families for what could lay ahead and don't even realize it. I am gonna start learning to can meat and also want to raise meat chicken and get one of those nifty electric pluckers... I want to learn more about solar power, find my land and get self sufficiant just incase anything does happen atleast I will have a little comfort of knowing we can grow our food raise our meat process it and have solar to run what we need. Maybe I'm being extreme but what if what alot of different people are saying is true?? atleast my family will be prepared right?.

Well on a different note.... i love the new job, yes I clean but its only part time and the 4 hours goes by really fast. I am gonna really think hard about what is needed and not just wanted with my checks...
God Bless.....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Can It Be So???

So i was reading an article on the web about 2011 economy crashing. Do you know that our US dollar has dropped 11% in the last 7 months of 2010?. I went on you-tube and was watching some videos that people have posted about food storage, some people have made their basements into food storage as well as plenty of emergency supplies. I'm wondering if these people arre extreme or just wise?. I guess I will start stocking up on some things, but right now I'm just trying to mainly focus on starting a garden. Are any of you doing the same? if so what are you stocking up on?
God Bless..............