Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Year Gone

Well it's another year gone by and some of it was great and some not so great. Alot of people lost there jobs and homes, I thank God my husband's job is secure. I have seen some very sad things and I'm hoping for a better year this 2010, not for my family so much but for some of the people I'v seen suffering. The best advice I can give it the real truth just stand on the Rock!!, he will see you through. Now I have thought of ways to really make this blog stand out so it will be a blessing and a source of help to those in need of advice, money managing tips, homemaking, cooking and more. This year is holding quite an adventure for my family as we are getting ready to make a big move from sunny Arizona after 16 years of living here back to cold Colorado in June. My daughter is graduating high school at the end of May and starting college in Colo. at DU. My son is finishing junior high and starting high school in Colo., my oldest is getting ready for higher up management at Babies R Us where she is now a department manager of 3 different departments. As for myself I'm changing alot trying to find myself again, thinking of sarting my business back up when we get to Colorado. I'm going through a birthing process something big is brewing inside of me and I can't quite put my finger on it I'm not sure what it will be but I feel it in my gut like butterflies and pressure some great thing the Lord is getting ready to do. I'm making changes I'm not sure what will lay instore for us but I hope its great. Moving is a great challenge when your leaving with as little as possible and no job where your going, but we have our savings, we just need a change of pace and a better quality of living healthier and happiness never hurt either. So stay tuned for some great things to come that I hope will bless your hearts.