Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spending Money

So I have been looking at a few articles online, it seems I'm not the only wife with a spending husband. You all know I have been working for the last few months and the money has gone towards bills and a new deep freezer. I'm about to get my third check and I have been working full time even though I have a part time position to help out at work. I had planned a trip into Denver to take the family to The Bass Pro Shop and my daughter into Torrid to buy a few things. I asked my husband to work atleast 3 overtime shifts for the extra money for this trip I planned and of course he didn't do it he had excuse after excuse why he couldn't do it, but now he has made plans to buy a new Turkey gun and a blind.....<----- Expensive!. I don't know how to make the money stretch now because I have bills and need a newer washer n dryer not to mention I need some new bras... and those cost about 30.00 each at Lane Bryant. We have no savings for retirement we took what we had when we moved to Colorado a year ago. I'm pulling my hair out!! all my kids live at home and my 24 yr. old is only getting anout 12-18 hours a week if she is lucky but she has credit car bills. My 20 yr. old works at Pizza hut she brings home about $550-600 a month.. not much. Its hard for my kids to help out when they have no money either... So here I was thinking I would have my checks free for extra stuff and savings but thanks hubby now you don't want to work any over time :( What should I do?? my hubby is like a child sometimes if he doesn't get anything he gets depressed and angry... so I usually put back the things I need so he can get what he wants but its unfair.
I thought I was the only woman going through it but I guess there are a lot of childish men out there judging from what other women are saying. I hope none of these men mind living in a card board box when they are older because none of them want to save for retirement.