Monday, February 22, 2010

The Truck and the Cow...

My husband was on his way to work last tuesday morning at about 5:00 am. I was still asleep because I don't get up until about 6:30 am, however I was awakened with the ring of my cell phone at about 5:15 am All I heard was I have been in an accident, I said where and my hubby said on Ironwood I hit a cow I said are you ok and he said yeah but my truck I said I'll be right there. When he called he was in distress and in shock he didn't sound like himself. When I got on the scene my husband was walking around I saw the truck and it was totalled out, the cow was dead and the news was above us live. I did take my hubby to the hospital he was hurt his back,neck and shoulders, however he is a walking miracle because he was driving without a seat belt and doing 65mph no time to stop, the cow had gotten on the highway and ran across infront of my hubby and he had no time to react the cow was about 600 pounds. He was driving the truck my late grandfather gave him it was a mint 1986 Ford F150 with only about 50,000 original miles on it super sweet but not anymore the reason my husband survived is because this truck was steel not like the new trucks and it sat up alittle higher do to 4 wheel drive. I'm not sure why this happened to him, the weird thing is that he left for work an hour later then usual he normally leaves at 4:00 am but he decided to sleep an extra hour that day and like my husband said he is glad it happened to him with our truck because if it had happened to somebody in a car or a new truck they would be dead they never could have survived it. The doctors were in awe at the fact my husband walked away from this. We know that the Lord was with my husband and he protected him you see what the enemy meant for bad the Lord turned around to good my husband is alive and well able to lead people to Jesus Christ and we know God is in control and will give my husband another truck. I am posting some pics.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well I have been so busy lately, I'm packing up my house and getting ready for the big move to Colorado Springs Colorado. We are leaving June 1st. This move will be bitter sweet for my family because I'm giving the house that my grandparents have back to the bank we just can't sell it with the economy. This was the last house they bought before they died and its the home that I took care of them in, it has many memories and it breaks my heart to say goodbye I just have no choice. So there will be no inheritance at least money wise but we have received so much.
I wont cry a river when I leave but more like an ocean and so will my kids may God just keep his hand on us.
I'm gonna be posting my recipe for green pork chili and beans with semi homemade tortillas.
God Bless You