Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shredded chicken tacos

My family LOVES... tacos.
I started with 6 peices of boneless skineless chicken breast and I cooked them partly in the presure cooker on med. for about 7 minutes I took them out and added them to a skillet that I had diced onions and cubed green bell peppers in. I shredded the meat and cook through with the peppers and onions.

Then I added a packet of Fajita mix any brand will work.
I made my taco shells from white corn tortilias I fried them in conola oil. I put the meat,onoins,peppers in and added shredded cheese, tomatoes,taco sauce and sour cream.

Family of five
Corn Tortilias:$ 1.49 for 32 on sale
Chicken:$ 4.91 on sale
Bell pepper:$ 1.78 for 2
onoin:.33 cents
Shredded cheese:$ 1.99 8oz on sale store brand
Sour cream:$ 1.18 16oz on sale store brand
Taco sauce:$ 2.49 on sale
Now I did have enough corn tortilias and taco sauce left for about 1 more meal so cut the cost of those in half and I spent for five people total:$12.17
My family consist of 3 adults and 2 teenagers.

Cold Night,, Hot Soup...

This is the finished product, I realized I uploaded my pictures in the wrong order so we are going from finish to start instead of start to finish...

I cooked it on med for about 12-15 minutes then added 2 cups of frozen corn and 2 cups peas also frozen, however I did heat them up before adding and then I let it heat through the soup.

I browned beef stew meat in a skillet before adding it to the presure cooker.

I added a cup of natural crushed tomatoes from Sprouts.

This is cut up cabbage and big peices of carrot and potatoe, I also added about 3 cups water and 2 beef bullion cubes.
This whole meal for a family of 5 plus leftovers was:
meat: $3.41- 1.5 pds.
cabbage:.89 cents
carrots:$1.00 -1lb.
potatoes:.50 cents- 2 lb.
peas:.97 cents - 16 oz.
corn:.97 cents - 16 oz.
canned tomatoes:$1.00 on sale

Monday, January 4, 2010

Life is precious

My best friend Shirley has a neice named Tiffany well last night (sunday) Tiff texted her best friend Nicole to tell her to meet up at school this morning and Nicole text Tiff back saying : my brother is dead and I killed him!! I wont be at school tomorrow. What a shock to find out that on Saturday night Nicole 16 drove her brother 17 to the mall and when she was pulling away he jumped in front of the car playing around she hit the brakes, this went on several times he was goofing around , well the last time he did it she accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal and she ran him over he was taken to the hospital in critical condition where he was pronounced dead later.......This family needs your prayers at this time they will never be the same and young Nicole will never know a truely fulfilled happy life. When were young, we never think of death or even think we can die, we are carefree and happy go lucky we just never believe it can happen to us and the next day is never promissed, please if you have teenage drivers or just teenagers who don't drive yet talk to them about horseplay and what is dangerous.
This 17 yr. old boy's life was taken way to early he would have graduated this year. My heart goes out to Nicoles family and I pray the Lord holds them tight through this time. Enjoy everyday as if it is your last, love, laugh and gives thanks to God.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to normal

Well tomorrow things will be getting back to normal, hubby at work and kids at school after 2 weeks off for all of them. I did enjoy my hubby being off for 2 weeks but I'm ready for my alone time to read,pray and craft or blog..hehehe. I'm excited for this year I have already pulled my valentine decorations and crafts out. I have been adding blogs I enjoy reading to my list and boy,, am I learning a new thing or two.