Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What A Day...

Well today is crazy, I have 2 young adult children 24, 19 why is it that I still have to yell to get them to help out around the house??. I'm still doing their laundry and cooking their meals, they live at home for free you would atleast think they would help out around the house right? WRONG!! I'm starting to feel angry at them and then there is attitude!!! I thought we got passed all that crap after the early teen years but it turns out I was wrong. Whats a mom to do?? you love them to death one moment until they open their mouths and then you want to kill them the next... not actually kill them but you know what I mean. I just pray for peace because its holiday season and I want joy in my CLEAN!! home. do any of you have teens or young adult kids?? what should I do? and no I can't kick them out family has to stick together in these tough economic times, besides my 19 yr. old only gets about 13 hours a week at pizza hut minimum wage and my 24 yr. old. lost alot of her hours do to these times she is in retail so neither one could make it even if they got an apartment together.

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I am the working poor. said...

I had three teenagers at the same time. It wasn't always pleasant, but it helped to establish clear rules. When we went through rough patches we would hold a family meeting at the kitchen table where everyone was expected to contribute. Sometimes they would talk and sometimes they would huff and puff and roll their eyes. When the meeting failed to work I went to written "contracts" spelling out what the expectations were. Just having the chores listed on paper helped to ensure they were done in a timely manner.

Also, I don't know if you want to go this route but I had my adult children with jobs pay rent. It wasn't a lot but they contributed so they wouldn't be shocked by bills when they went out on their own. I gave my daughter the electric bill when she lived with us. She was more apt to turn off lights and unplug unused appliances if she was paying the bill.

I hope this helped. Kids will sometimes go through their teenage years all over again if they feel like kids living at home. Clear responsibilities and open communication can help them behave more like the adults they are.