Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Day In My Shoes...

So today I got up and cooked breakfast at 5:30 am made coffee and fresh juice for my husband and son .My husband left for work and I got my son off to school. I went back to bed for awhile only to wake up to my daughter yelling for me and telling me we have no water!! not what I wanted to wake up to. I called the water company and sure enough they turned my water off for nonpayment. I am not a proud person I can be very humble so I will tell you I had no money to pay my water bill, so we counted and rolled change and finally came up with 88.00 to pay so we can get our water turned back on. I had to make a decision do I pay the water or buy food??? so I bought food :) . We have been a bit strapped now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel with my husbands prison job we are playing catch up... we had $29,000 in june but the move to Colorado broke us with house rental, deposits,uhal truck plus trailer and then having to make another trip back to Az. to get the rest of our stuff not to mention we had to buy a truck and fix our car and buy my mom a good used car but she is paying us back 200.00 a month. Money goes fast when you have no job and you move from one state to another. I went over every reciept we had and we really didn't waste that much money. So like I said I'm humble!!!
Times are so hard right now, if you work in retail hours are down my daughter and mom are in retail. I'm not looking forward to the prices on gas and food rising but they are and just went up again yesterday, what are the paycheck to paycheck familys suppose to do? really if you think about it alot of us are one paycheck away from being homeless. I know this blog was alittle depressing I'm sorry my next one will be happy... :) how is everybodys day going?

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debbieo said...

You made the right decision to buy food instead of paying bills. My only suggestion next time would be to fill many containers with water to hold you thru until funds can be got for the bill. You need water storage anyway.