Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So Let Me Tell Ya....

Well I finished my flooring in the house the den now has tile...yippy! so because we are running on a tight budget right now I decorated with what I had and some stuff from thrift to come soon!. I'm getting ready for Halloween I have done my decorating now to buy candy and go to Boo at the Zoo. I have been really busy lately some days are more productive then others. I really want to learn to budget better and make my money work for me not me or should I say hubby work for the money. What do all you stay at home moms do to earn extra $$$ for the family??. Well my daughter is still inlove so far so good for her I guess. My mom had a heart attack a couple weeks ago and my son is under doctors care for his blood pressure and he went to the allergy doctor for testing turns out he is allergic to every tree,pollen,weed in Colorado and hes only 14. I will keep you all posted and post some photos within the next couple of days... ya know I love ya all you are a great crowd of followers xoxoxo

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