Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update Time

I would first like to start by wishing each one of you a Very Happy Easter. I hope that the real reason is celebrated the fact that Christ Jesus died on the cross for each one of us so that we could have salvation and live eternity with him and our heavenly father. Remeber to love one another even when people don't seem lovable because I know there are so many day's I am not feeling lovable or acting in away that would make people want to love me, but nobody is perfect we are all sinners BUT... we are saved because of Jesus he loved us in our sin and he died for us so that we couold live with him forever, now thats real love.
Now an update on our life, well we are still packing and trying to sell what we do not need or want anymore. The move is getting closer May 29th we pull out of Arizona at 4 am we will be on our way to Colorado. I'm feeling alittle worried because my huband hasn't got a job there yet and his last day of work here in AZ. is April 16 th our last check is April 30 th then we can put in a request to refund all of our retirement from AZ. . Still trying to find a house thats big enough and not to much money. We keep praying because we are stepping out in faith that the Lord will provide for us. I'm doing well in the yardsaling first day was close to $700 and the second day was about $600 the 3rd day was only $295 but we did manage to sell that truck that was hit in the cow/truck accident we sold it for $450 . Please pray for my family we could really use the extra prayer. I love you all God Bless

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