Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Budget Experience

Saturday we started out in a 24ft Budget truck on our way from AZ. to Colo.. We thought man this truck is hard to keep on the road between 3 drivers we almost lost it 2 times in Holbrook.

We decided to stop in New Mexico to use the bathrooms at a rest stop, after parking and getting out to strech we found that the transport carrying the Altima had a bad tire infact the tire was bald and a chunk of tred was missing!!!. After calling 911 to see if they could help us figure out exactly where we were so roadside asst. could come and save we waited 3 hours for them to get there. My family was suppose to take the keys to the house they rented on Sat. night but with a 3 hour delay we ended up with 6 people in a hotel room with only 2!!! NOT!!.

Yes me and my broken husband who had just hit a cow a week and a half earlier with our truck which was totalled had to sleep on the floor,YES I said floor, it sucked!. So we got into Colorado Springs Sunday morning only to find the house that was rented was grossly dirty I mean it was a dump!! so we had to call the owner and she sent out a cleanng lady and a crew to finish laying the tile in the up stairs bathroom. Come Monday, we went out and looked around I mean after all we are moving there at the end of May. My cousin was suppose to rent a car to get us back to Az. in because we only went to help drive and unload the truck, but she was unable to rent a car because of her credit score and no major credit card, so we were screwed!! my husband was missing 2 days of work and my kids school for this little trip and now we can't even get home?!!.

After feeling so much anger I decided not to take it out on my family so I did the next best thing and called Budget truck rentals about the truck that had no working winsheld wipers and was out of alinement and had a crapy tire that had to be replaced if the tire would have blown my family could have been killed, unfortunately they though our possible death was only worth $38.00 I didn't realize I was so cheap. So after all the trauma I went through tuesday arrived and my aunt ended up giving us her truck to get home in and she will have to fly out later to pick it up and drive back to Colo. That was a long story huh.. but all true!! So needless to say I'm exhausted and so is my husband and daughter, we made it home late last night and will need a few days to catch up. I promise my life isn't always this crazy but we do have times we go thru once and awhile, I really want to blog about being frugal and good meals and life in this economy, but I just had to share the last couple of weeks as to what has been going on. I will update on the budget thing when I find out what is gonna happen because my cousin is writing the president of Budget I don't blame her the truck was $1,400. to rent plus gas and an unexpected hotel stay.

On another note welcome to my blog for those of you who are new followers I really appreciate each one of you I will be having a give away soon tell ur friends to join my blog and spred the word your all very special to me, thanks again.

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