Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scariest decision of our lives Help!!

I'm just wonering how many people will offer their advice. We are leaving with no jobs in Colorado, my husband gave his notice at work he is leaving a 14.28 hr. job here in Az. , our daughter is leaving a full time job as a supervisor of 3 departments at Babies R Us, my mom is leaving her job as a Asst. Manager of Famous Footwear and none of us have jobs in Colorado.
My daughter is probly transfering we hope if there is a position open in Colo. and the same for my mom. I'm getting very scared because of the unknown and I wonder if you all think we are making the right choice? We can hardly make it here in AZ. our house went back to the bank and they auction it off May 19th, We have to have a house because we can't fit in an apt. atleast in Colo. we can grow a garden, you can't grow anything in AZ. We are getting a refund on our Az. retirement that should give us about $27,000 plus what we can save. Please give me your advice am I just scared of change and will this move benefit my family?

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