Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shredded chicken tacos

My family LOVES... tacos.
I started with 6 peices of boneless skineless chicken breast and I cooked them partly in the presure cooker on med. for about 7 minutes I took them out and added them to a skillet that I had diced onions and cubed green bell peppers in. I shredded the meat and cook through with the peppers and onions.

Then I added a packet of Fajita mix any brand will work.
I made my taco shells from white corn tortilias I fried them in conola oil. I put the meat,onoins,peppers in and added shredded cheese, tomatoes,taco sauce and sour cream.

Family of five
Corn Tortilias:$ 1.49 for 32 on sale
Chicken:$ 4.91 on sale
Bell pepper:$ 1.78 for 2
onoin:.33 cents
Shredded cheese:$ 1.99 8oz on sale store brand
Sour cream:$ 1.18 16oz on sale store brand
Taco sauce:$ 2.49 on sale
Now I did have enough corn tortilias and taco sauce left for about 1 more meal so cut the cost of those in half and I spent for five people total:$12.17
My family consist of 3 adults and 2 teenagers.


SonyaAnn said...

It looks so yummy! I love when you can get away with feeding the family for a little amount!
I'm glad that I found you.

muddigrl39 said...

Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog, I try to blog often. I checked out ur blog and I became a follower on urs to I like it it looks fun.