Monday, February 25, 2013

The county and my issues..

I have been on the phone with Park county this morning.. grrrr!!  They are telling me my land needs to have an agricultural zoning in order to put up so many cabins. I love how they can make so many stipulations on a land owner. It is really about money and who wants to line their pockets... I have to keep looking for land now and i can't buy the parcel i waned which means I will have to purchase more than 30 acres probably because that zoning very rarely comes in anything smaller. I am feeling frustrated this morning. I will continue to pray about this I know the Lord will bring me a peice of land that will work.... I just hope He hurrys it up lol. On a different note...... I go back to my doctor today at 1:00 to see about a new medication hopefully one that will not give me hives :(   I am planning on talking to her about the radioactive therapy and the risk of cancer that come with it. My man says i should just take the therapy and kill my thyroid and if I do it will only be about 3-6 months and I could be feeling normal again. It snowed here ALL! weekend so i haven't had a chance to go get pictures of those cabins yet.. but i will. All weekend was spent inside and yesterday I spent time in my garage cleaning and deleting things so to speak. I am finally down to just one refrigerator my new one was delivered friday and the other 2 are now gone :)  That sums up my weekend fun... did anybody do anything fun?

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