Saturday, July 9, 2011

What in the World is going on......

So I have been really searching for news on the internet lately. My interest is in whats happening in the world today... Wow its really crazy out there so many points of view about debt and inflation or should I say hyper-inflation... I had my own experience with inflation last week as I went to Sams club as always to buy groceries, I always buy Tri Tip steaks it is usually around $4.76 pound but it has gone up to $5.94 pound!!! in 4 days from the time I had bought it last!!! all the meat went up in price,needless to say I didn't buy it and when I asked the meat guy about the price because (I thought maybe I was crazy and didn't see that price right...) he said well of course its gone up, everything has taken a rise in price. I wanted to chop off my own hand as I picked up a 10 pound bag of potatoes for $4.98 a bag...yikes that was a 50 cent raise from days before, I know it doesn't seem like 50 cents is much but that's $2.19 up from the $2.79 a bag I was paying just a year ago all because of inflation!!. Pretty soon nobody will be able to afford to eat.... now that's crazy. I have been studying different sites and however out there they may seem to be, I know they are on point about a lot of stuff so I have to make myself become more self reliant for the sake of my family surviving. I don't believe the economy is gonna ever pick up much again like it was before 2008. Day by day we keep keeping on but its not easy and I know I have it better then some families so I'm thankful. Sometimes I wonder just how many Americans are suffering through this like us. I guess the new standard of living is: One paycheck away from being homeless welcome to the new America... I'm mad that Obama is trying to raise our debt ceiling like we will ever be able to recover as it is now and he wants to keep on adding to it. Pretty soon we will have the One World Order.. Scary!!

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