Monday, February 18, 2013

Days Gone By..

The days seem to fly by lately, just trying to stop and catch my breath... This year is a make it happen kind of year or a stay put year and ride the storm out. Lately we have been trying to figure out ways to make our dream come true of living a self reliant life style on a small peice of property with all other issues aside health wise. We have decided we can do a small space living in a portable building. Some people are turning sheds into homes it is doable if you don't require alot of stuff. We have our children and even though they are grown they will continue to stay close to us. We figure 5 acres can do alot for us. My family can put up a few small cabin structures on the land and build it up to a homestead. At this point we would like to be out of the city by this time next year. I am raising backyard chickens and ducks and a turkey still, we already had our first loss a few months ago when somebody got into our yard and killed one of our ducks injured another. We took our duck to the vet and he treated our male duck but said it was at the hand of a human and not a racoon or another animal because there were no teeth marks. Well one thing for sure society is going to hell fast these days. One of the many reasons for leaving the city and one of the reasons it can't come fast enough... Already thinking about what to plant this year for the garden... as much as possible for sure. This year we will run some trial and error projects to prepare for homesteading. It is a beautiful day here in the Springs though... I am awaiting spring this year winter hasn't been much this year its kinda weird. I pray you all are having a beautiful day God Bless...

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